My interest in vintage fashion began when I started studying design. I have an in depth knowledge of historical design and technical construction and and a particular knowledge of the early Victorian era through to the 1960's.



Many vintage dresses are beautiful, but just not quite the style you would like.

I often do alterations like changing the length, neckline or sleeves to modernise a vintage dress.

So if you have a vintage garment that doesn't fit perfectly, or the old fashioned styling is stopping you from wearing it, I can adjust it to fit you perfectly or alter the styling according to your taste.

Picture: Sally altered her nan's wedding dress, she really wanted to wear it, but it was just a bit old fashioned for her. We modernised it, but kept the fantastic rouleux neck decoration, we completely changed the silhouette to really suit Sally's style.



It's so satisfying bringing a beautiful dress back to life.

If your dress is a family heirloom, or something you've been lucky enough to find on Ebay, it's always so rewarding to give it a little TLC.

If you have something you love but it's damaged with age, I can repair it keeping its authentic style.

Don't worry if you think your garment is beyond repair, or if the alterations you need seem impossible. You might be surprised how much can be done.



If you have a vintage garment, or a photograph of one that you love I can replicate it for you.

Perhaps you've seen an old classic movie and have fallen in love with a dress, or like the era of a period film you've just watched and want to capture that look.

I love working with vintage styling and fabrics, and can replicate a dress to look very authentic.