What a busy year!

So summer solstice has passed, we're half way through the year, and dare I say it half way to Christmas!

It's been a busy year here at Unique Dress, and we're starting to get through all the work for summer 2018 weddings, and planning for 2019! The prom dresses are all finished and girls have finished their exams so can look forward to wearing them.

A few dresses to go for late summer, and we'll be able to breathe again!

I can't talk about summer 2018 weddings without mentioning Meghan! So what did you think of her dress? I've heard so many comments, and been asked my opinion so many times.

I know personally how much pressure there is to wear the right dress, and trying to fulfill everyones expectations, and to at the same time, remain yourself, and look like the woman your groom fell in love with.

I think her dress was perfect. If it had lace she would have been compared to Kate, if it had bling, it would have been too Hollywood. It was understated, glamorous and elegant. The long embroidered veil added beautiful detail, and entering the chapel on her own she looked absolutely stunning. The neckline was absolutely beautiful, and I can only imagine this will become a very popular neckline for 2019.

Seeing the emotion on her mum's face was the highlight for me, as was Meghan's natural hair and make-up.

So Princess Eugenie will be the next Royal bride in October, I wonder what she will wear, the pressure is on her now!!!

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