2019 Bridal Trends

Summer 2018 is far from over, and yet at Unique Dress we're already starting to talk to 2019 summer brides about their wedding dresses. A year ahead is the perfect time to start thinking about a bespoke wedding dress, as it gives plenty of time to find the perfect fabrics and embellishments, and chance for your dress to evolve. Many brides change their mind about the details on their dress along the way, and starting early means it's not an issue.

So I thought, what better time to have a look at what bridal trends are going forward for 2019.

And in no particular order.....


Lace has been a big trend for quite a few years now, I'm not sure it ever really goes away. The trend continues, particularly in all over designs. Beautiful lace dress below by Eddy K.

Clean and Simple

Meghan Markle has certainly reinforced the trend of clean and simple. Sometimes it's just about beautiful fabric and perfect fit. Simple and elegant dress below by Gracy Accad.


I'm not sure if volume ever really goes out of fashion for brides, it's definitely still on trend for a while yet! Victor and Rolf never fail to put their own twist on something, amazing asymmetric volume below.


Another trend that's been around a few years now, but shows no signs of stopping. This gorgeous dress by Berta is a fantastic elegant example of a backless dress.


Big bows, small bows, On the front, on the back. Subtle or exaggerated. What a lovely trend that's not been around too much for a while. Fabulous example of a dress with an exaggerated but elegant bow by Lela Rose


There's definitely been more use of subtle colour this year, but in traditional wedding dress designs. Ice blue and lilac seem to be most popular, and a move on from blush pink. The lovely dress pictured is by Katya Katya.


Illusion tulle is nothing new, but ways of working with it are getting more clever each season. With a good quality nude tulle that perfectly matches your skin tone you really can achieve a fantastic look. This Morilee dress perfectly shows a great illusion tulle design.


Ok, so this might not be a look many can or would want to carry off, I know for sure I wouldn't look my best in it to say the least! However, there seems to be a lot of wedding jumpsuits around, only time will tell if this is a trend many brides will want to wear?! Jumpsuit below is by Naeem Khan.

Turtle Neck

I don't think necks have been so high on wedding dresses since the seventies. The trend has been going away from strapless for a while, and I absolutely love this new turtle neck wedding trend, particularly this stunning lace design by Gracy Accad.


And finally, one of my favourites, metallic. There's everything around from silver to gold, and coloured metallics. From subtle tones to dramatic bold sparkle, brocade fabrics to highly embellished bling. This dress by Theia shows how elegant metallic can be.

So whether you're just getting idea's for next year, or about to embark on getting a bespoke wedding dress made, there's a fantastic variety of styles around.

When I first started making wedding dresses 12 years ago I don't think there was anywhere near the variety of dress styles, and the bridal trends have certainly moved on a lot in this time.

I think Bridalwear is more fashion forward than it's ever been and am really excited what my 2019 brides might go for.

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