Some recent Unique Dresses

Summer is always busy for me, and this year is no different. As I was working away today on a new Unique Dress for late summer, it got me thinking about some of the dresses I've made recently and the brides I got to work with.

People often ask me what style of dress I like to make the most, and my answer is always the same, I like variety. I love that each bride who comes to me wants something completely different. I enjoy the process of designing a dress with them, which often is something they've visualised but never thought they would actually find.

At a final fitting, to hear the words, "It's exactly as I'd imagined it" is the best feeling.

Here are a few happy brides who I've recently worked with, and a little bit about their dresses.

Daisy came to me wanting a dress with a feeling of Lord of the Rings. She loved the idea of nature and tree's, and wanted a bit of colour, beautiful lace and some subtle bling.

I started by showing her a selection of laces that worked for the style of dress she wanted, and that suited her love of Lord of the Rings. Straight away this lace jumped out at her, with the tree design and heavy self colour beading, which added the subtle sparkle she wanted.

Finding the right shade of blue was more difficult than we expected, as it had to be blue, not a bluey grey, but also not too bright. After several swatches being posted back and forth Daisy settled on this gorgeous pastel blue, which sets off the lace perfectly and made her dress exactly how she had imagined it to be.

Sally came to me knowing she didn't want a 'traditional' white wedding dress. She was clear she wanted silver, having seen a beautiful Vera Wang dress at a bridal show, but she wasn't 100% certain on the details.

She chose the fabric straight away, knowing that the dress she'd seen had exactly the fabric she wanted, and I'd been able to match it up to the photo she had.

As she wasn't so certain on the details, we drew up a vague design, which I sampled up, and then had a roll of the silver silk ready to drape at the first fitting. The dress gradually evolved over the next few fittings, and it was exciting seeing it come together a bit at a time.

I love this photo, with the full silk skirt blowing around in contrast to the fitted bodice. (And of course the bowtie wearing dog).

Heather had a very clear idea of what she wanted. Elegant timeless glamour, and beautiful lace.

I showed her several plain fabrics to compliment the corded lace she'd selected, and she opted for silk organza over a silk blend satin.

We kept the details simple and classic, a wide neck to show off the lovely scalloped edging, and tiny buttons down the back. I was so happy when I saw this amazing windswept photo from their big day, taken on a clifftop in Cornwall. Natural photo's are always the best!

Hayley clearly didn't want a big white wedding dress. However she did want a classic shape, but in black for her gothic wedding.

The heavy beaded black lace was stunning, and meant the dress just needed to be kept simple to show it off. The scallop set off the neckline and pointed sleeves, and looked perfect edging the whole of the long full train.

This photo is just perfect, every little detail, from the car to the bouquet shows Hayley's amazing attention to detail.

Theadora knew exactly what she wanted and didn't want. We quickly settled on the silk crepe, and fine lace over illusion tulle.

Illusion tulle is perfect for a backless dress, as it means you can be completely versatile with design if the tulle is matched perfectly to your skin tone.

We engineered the lace design to the cut out back shape, which then continued around the front. I hate to show a photo without faces, but I just love this back detail.

Kim had a dress she absolutely loved, and used this as inspiration for her wedding dress. She knew she wanted a colour, and after a bit of deliberation settled on this dusky rose.

Silk crepe back satin can be used on either the matt or shiny face, and by using a mixture here it added a subtle tonal detail to the top of her dress.

I love that she decided on a matching skirt for her daughter, and this natural family photo is just so nice.

Allison joked that she wanted to look like a disco ball, and turned up with a piece of very sparkly allover sequinned fabric. Which she wanted to add extra sparkle to.

She wanted to keep the silhouette really clean as the fabric was so ornate, so we sketched up a simple design and the dress came together quite quickly.

Sometimes less is more, and less in terms of detail was the right way to go with this 'disco ball' fabric.

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