The right wedding bra - the perfect fit.

If like me, you feel happier wearing a bra, chances are, on your wedding day you might want to wear a bra too. Lots of wedding dresses are tight fitting, but the underwire you get with a good bra does something a well fitting dress won't.

But if the bra doesn't fit correctly, it's not going to be doing what it should, and likely to be uncomfortable.

The visual guide above from is very helpful. Click through for the full guide.

It's well known that many ladies wear the wrong size bra, but how do we go about buying the right size?

There seems to be a lot of mis-information online that is not helping.

Historically there was a 'plus 4' method, where 4 inches were added to your under bust measurement to give your band size, but this is no longer the way things are done. I tried this method out, and when I tried a bra on in the size it gave me, it was way too big, and therefore unsupportive. There's another method which is talked about a lot, which says you should buy the band size according to your actual under bust measurement. This is also incorrect, to test this out I measured a bra.

This above bra is a 34 band size, and when I stretched it to a point where I think it would get too uncomfortable to wear it still only measured 32. If a lady measuring 34 was to wear it, it would be uncomfortably tight!

A popular website / Facebook page (which I shall not name) has it's own calculator to tell you your size, using this calculator I came out as a 30GG. To put it mildly, this measurement is absurd, and I don't even need to try a bra on to know that it would be ridiculously tight with half empty cups.

There seems to be a belief that a lady would be happier with a smaller band size and bigger cup size, this might mentally sound better, if that's what you want, but it won't feel more comfortable. Bra's are good not only for how you look, but for the health of your boobs. Too tight, or not supportive enough won't give you the comfort or support your boobs need.

Now as much as I talk about it, I know that I'm not a bra fitting expert, so I asked a lady who is. Debbie French of the long established (28 years) lingerie shop Perfect Fit, in Keynsham had the followong to say.

"I have worked here for almost thirteen years and bought the company three and half years ago. I was trained to fit with a tape measure, which was placed around under your arms and that would then give you a rough idea of chest size the rest was done by eye, I now fit by eye and rarely use a tape measure.

It is so important to have the correct fitting if wearing a wired bra, your Breast should be completely encased with no tissue spilling out, and the band firm but not too tight. We always advise customers to have a fitting when buying a new bra as they all fit differently, Style is always important when buying a bra as you could have twenty ladies all measuring the same size but that one bra would only fit one person."

I think these are wise words, from a lady who clearly knows her product.

If in doubt, why not pop to see Debbie, who I know will get it right for you.

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