A very special dress that we truly worked on together.

At the beginning of the year I had an email from Laura, who got married this summer, she'd been looking for the perfect dress, but just wasn't finding something that she truly loved.

Laura got married outside in the woods, and wanted a dress that was perfectly in keeping with the setting. She wanted a dress that wasn't too formal and structured, and had lots of delicate floral and leafy lace.

In Laura's words, "I have been looking for a wedding dress and can't find one that ticks all my boxes. I am therefore thinking I would like one to be made for me. I have a few pictures and will show you what I like from each picture." This is quite often a starting point, along with a few pictures or a Pinterest board. The Picture below shows a dress that Laura loved details of, and was a great starting point.

Laura searched through folders of lace samples to find ones that she loved, and we ended up using a combination of the two laces below. We played around with the lace, layering it up and seeing how we could engineer it on Laura's dress. It was important to maintain the sheer quality whilst at the same time maintaining Laura's dignity! I always make sure a bride will look back at her dress in ten years time still and love it.

The lace came in an allover design as you can see above, which I very patiently cut into individual pieces, which would then be appliquéd on in our engineered layout.

Once all cut out, each piece of lace was stitched on individually, sewing around individual leaves and petals.

The lace soon started building up, and I fit it a few times on Laura along the way to make sure the placement worked on her, both how it looked visually, and to check that it strategically covered those parts of her body she wished not to have on display!

The picture above shows the front panel part way through making. Making this dress was far from a case of designing it together and then Laura coming to pick it up a few months later. She got involved so much along the way, right down to individual placements of leaves.

The photo above was taken at one of the last fittings. You can see a few pins by the small of Laura's back, where adjustments were done to get rid of the puckering. At the top you can see where we've pinned the last few pieces of lace on. It was important to Laura that it fit snug but not tight, and that the nude back was flawless. You can see at the sides where we've taken it in for a perfect fit. The process doesn't stop until you are 100% happy with every last detail.

And finally, how did Laura look on her wedding day? Well I might be biased, but I'd say she looked absolutely stunning! It was an absolute honour to make Laura's dress, as she's not only stunning, but also a lovely lovely person, who I wish nothing but happiness for her future with her new husband.

The following photo's (and first picture above) are from her wedding day, they are taken by the excellent photographer team Pip and Simon. pipandsimon.co.uk

What an amazing day!

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