Most talked about dresses of the last decade.

The defining look of a decade is hard to see until a few years has passed. I remember when I was a child thinking that the 50's 60's and 70's had such a definite style, and yet the 80's had no real look. Could I say that now,30 years later? Of course not, there's no doubt the 80's had a certain (questionable) style!

So what will the big look of the 2010's be when we look back in a few years time? and what will we be wearing in the twenties?

What we can look at now though are the dresses that were most talked about, so I thought I'd think about which dresses I remember being talked bout the most over the last decade.

If there's a dress you think I should have included here, please let me know!

I thought about both wedding dresses and the red carpet, as one most certainly influences the other.

When Angelina Jolie (and her leg) wore this Versace dress for the 2012 Academy Awards it was certainly the most talked about dress of the night, sadly not just just for the beautiful dress or how fantastic she looked in it, but the fact she couldn't stop popping her leg out!

If you've not seen this outfit before, take a look at Rihanna's imperial yellow cape that she wore to the 2015 Met Gala. Rihanna said, “I’m so in love with this dress, but the train is insane! It’s Chinese couture and it’s made by Guo Pei. It’s handmade by one Chinese woman and it took her two years to make. I found it online.” It's insane, but it's also amazing!

Lady Gaga wore a dress (and hat!) made of prime rib and steak by designer Franc Fernandez to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, as a political statement against discrimination of gay men and women in the military. Unfortunately most people just thought she was a bit bonkers, and it didn't go down too well with vegetarians and animal lovers!

The Stella McCartney dress that Amal Clooney wore to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in 2018 got the most attention from the media after Meghan's wedding dress. The colour and the cut are just stunning.

Apparently over 17,000 people searched for a 'yellow Stella McCartney dress' in the two days following the wedding!

Jennifer Lawrence wore this stunning Dior Couture gown to the 2013 Oscars. She says she only picked the dress the morning of the ceremony and was lucky it fit her like a glove. Sometimes less is more. I just love that fabric!

Was Beyonce the first to wear the 'naked' dress? When she wore this Givenchy dress to the 2015 Met Gala she was hard to miss! Without a doubt the biggest bridal trend over the last couple of years, maybe not quite this see-through, but certainly the biggest trend in a decade. (Albeit watered down and less naked!)

Lupita Nyong'o's blue pleated Grecian Prada gown that she wore to the 86th Academy Awards in 2014 was simple and elegant. Sometimes drama is just not required! Keep that for the silver screen.

And off the red carpet and on to bridal.

How can we possibly discuss the most talked about dresses of the last decade without mentioning Kate Middleton's wedding dress from 2011. Nine years on, bridal trends are still influenced by her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress, and the trend of ivory dresses for bridesmaids is still only just really being reinforced.

It would be unfair to not move straight on to Meghan. Although she's currently in the news for very different reasons, in 2018 she was talked about for looking understated and beautiful when she married Prince Harry in this off the shoulder Givenchy wedding dress. I love that there's nothing Hollywood about this dress, to me it's the perfect choice.

And finally, whether or not Kim Kardashian is someone you admire, you can't argue her influence on bridal trends with her backless figure hugging Givenchy dress from 2014 when she married Kanye. Six years later, her dress is still just as influential.

So that was the 2010's, or at least a glimpse.

I'm now thinking about what the most talked about dresses of the 2020's will look like, and who will be wearing them?

And for brides, what trends have we got coming up?

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