Wedding Dress Regrets

Nobody wants to look back on their wedding photo's and have regrets about their choice of dress, but unfortunately, we're all our own worst critics, and so many women I speak to have regrets about their wedding dress. It's not always what it looks like, but various other factors too.

Having spoken to so many women over the years about their wedding dresses, (which always happens when I tell people what my job is), I've compiled a top 10 regrets list, so hopefully by reading it, it'll help you not to make the same mistakes!

Here we go, so in no particular order!

1. "I wore what I thought everyone would expect me to wear, rather than what I really wanted to wear." I don't know how many times I've heard things like this, I think so much pressure is on us now from friends and family, that we try to meet peoples expectations, rather than go for what we really want to.

2. "I wore what I liked, not what suited my body shape." I hear this time and time again, when a lady has been really happy on her wedding day, only to feel a bit deflated when they see the photo's. If you're not sure what suits you best, take a friend shopping with you who you know will be totally honest.

3. "I wore what was fashionable at the time, not what I really loved." We all know fashions come and go, and bridal trends are no different. So if you don't love the current trends, don't wear them, find something that you really do like!

4. "I spent way too much money and got completely carried away. I loved my dress, but wish I'd just not spent so much." It's scarily easy to get carried away, not just with your wedding dress, but with the accessories, shoes, veil, the list goes on. Set out a budget before you go shopping, and stick to it! Nobody wants to be paying their wedding off for years after the big day!

5. "I tried to budget by buying a cheap dress and changing the details, but it ended up costing me more in the long run." It might seem a good idea to buy a cheap dress that's similar to what you want, with the idea of changing it to be the perfect dress. But unless you know how to do the adjustments yourself, or have a friend who can do it, it could be really false economy!

6. "I regret not following my own style, I went for traditional, knowing my mum would like it, but I feel like I just looked boring!" If traditional isn't your thing, don't do it just to please someone else, even if your mum does like a traditional white wedding, it doesn't mean she won't be happy for you to go a bit more alternative.

7. "I bought my dress way too early, changed my mind, and then bought another dress, I wasted so much money!" I've heard this quite a few times, and have even had a few customers who are on their third dresses! You need to plan ahead, but any more than a year ahead, just make sure you're absolutely certain this is the dress for you!

8. "I tried too hard to be different, elements of my outfit just ended up looking OTT, I looked too much at Instagram and wedding blogs!" While blogs and Instagram are fantastic for looking for inspiration, just remember, a lot of the photo's you see aren't real weddings, and have been over styled to make a great picture. There's no harm taking a few accessories / props for a couple of amazing photo's, but just remember, 'less is more'!

9. "I thought it would be lovely to wear my mums dress. I adjusted it and modernised it a bit, but although it was lovely and nostalgic, I feel like I should have picked my own design." If you do want to wear a dress that has been passed down in the family, assuming the previous bride doesn't want it back, how about taking the best elements of it, and creating your own version.

10. "I didn't think about the practicality. I absolutely loved my dress and the pictures are amazing, but it was a nightmare to go to the toilet, and I was pretty fidgety all day long!" I guess this one all comes down to what's important. Some of my customers see practicality as the number one, and yet some don't care if they can hardly sit down or raise their arms. It's a personal choice that I'll leave with you. All I'll say is, make sure if you have an enormous skirt, you also have a very close friend to help you when you need the loo!

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