Digital silk printing for a totally Unique Dress

I've been printing cotton to make dresses for myself for a while now, and love that I can have a print exactly as I want it. Gone are the days of costly and restrictive screen printing, with digital printing now being so good, there are really no limits, and not that much cost!

I've been trying to think of how a print could work nicely on a wedding dress, but in a subtle way that maintains the traditional 'white wedding' look.

I decided that a nice way would be to layer it up with chiffon.

My painting skills are not the best so I commissioned print designer Cressida Carr, who came up with a design to perfectly fit the back panel of the dress. I then mixed it with a selection of laces and a bit of sparkle on the very simple bodice.

My plan was to do a fantastic professional photo shoot in a field of flowers, but there's need to explain why I had to opt for a few basic pictures taken in my workroom instead! Hopefully the shoot will still happen one day!

Here are a few work in progress photo's.

Before deciding on the design we printed a few hand painted flowers to see how they would look on the silk, the only real way to know what you're getting!

Getting Cressida's finished artwork ready to upload to the digital printers.

Playing around with complimentary fabrics to come up with the finished dress design.

Starting to put the dress together, playing around with how the printed chiffon would gather up at the back.

I love how subtle the print looks with the white chiffon overlay.

And here showing the complimentary guipure lace.

To balance out the print I kept the rest of the back really simple. It was hard to photograph on the mannequin so I had the bright idea of putting it on myself, unfortunately it was not a pretty sight, so here it is on the mannequin!!

The plunging bodice is layered with some subtle sequin tulle, a spot lace, and a guipure trim on the waistband.

This style bodice would have much looked much better on a body, but unfortunately until now this is the best way to show it in a photograph.

And of course, as pre-schools are currently closed, I've had a little helper who of course deserves credit! :o)

If you like the sound of a bit of printing for your dream dress, do please get in touch. Any print is possible, and there is a great selection of fabrics available to print on.

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