My daydream wardrobe.........

It's been a strange year, who ever thought at the beginning of the year that this was how we'd have lived through these last few months.

Usually I'd be busy blogging about what I've been creating, and sharing photo's of happy brides in their dresses on their big days.

But what can I blog about when that's not happening?

So this is my daydream wardrobe, if only my daydream would come true!

So in no particular order, these are the dresses I'd own, if only I had the money to buy them all, and more importantly somewhere to wear them!

I'd love to see everyone else's daydream wardrobes.

I love everything about this Dior dress from 1950, photographed by Irving Penn. The colour, shape, embellishment, it's just amazing.

And a more modern day Dior dress, by John Galliano, spg 2011. This is the dress that inspired the skirt of my wedding dress. Unlike this model, I'd wear it with a smile!

Not necessarily for any of the individual dresses, but this is just one of the most amazing fashion photographs ever. Dior again (can you tell I like Dior!) Photographed in 1957 by Loomis Dean. If only I had the high ceilings to recreate this look with my friends!

Alexander Mcqueen's peacock dress from his a/w 08/09 collection is amazing, I love the combination of fabrics and simplicity of colour.

Duffy wears this amazing strapless dress in the film Legend, by designer Caroline Harris. I'm not sure I could carry it off, but if I could......

And another favourite of mine from a movie, this is Traci Lords in Cry Baby from 1990. One day I'll have on occasion that requires me to recreate this dress for myself! Van Smith was the costume designer.

Staying with films, Marilyn looks unbelievable in this figure hugging dress in Niagara in 1953. Designer, Dorothy Jeakins.

Reese Witherspoon's wardrobe in Walk The Line makes me so envious, and this is my favourite of them all. 2005, costume designer Arianne Phillips.

When I feel like being a bit more glitzy, I'd go with Drew Barrymore's Cinderella dress from Ever After in 1998, complete with wings. Costume designer Jenny Beavan.

So that's enough from the movies, on to the sixties, for me by far the best era for fashion. And when you think of sixties fashion, who did it better than Jackie Kennedy! Here she is in 1962. I'm not sure I'm posh enough for pearls, but I love this dress!

The coral dress for the day, and then this Jackie dress for the evening. She wore it to dinner at the Japanese embassy, I'd be happy sitting at home sipping a G&T in it.

Ok, so I don't think I'd look this fantastic, but as this is just a daydream, I'd also own Marilyn Monroe's dress that she wore when she sang Happy Birthday Mr President in 1962. This Jean Louis dress sold in 1999 for $1.26m, equivalent of $1.85m today.

Sixties girl groups wore THE best dresses! The supremes look amazing here, and I want their dresses!

I really have no idea what occasion would be suitable for this Pierre Cardin dress from the 1960's. I just love looking at his quite bonkers designs though.

I've always thought it would be great fun to recreate this moment from Alexander Mcqueen's spring 1999 show where Shalom Harlow walked in wearing a plain white dress and got spray painted by robots.

For days when I might be feeling a bit fed up, I'd love to put one of Issey Miyake's dresses on from 1995 and just bounce down the high street.

Then for a country walk I'd wear Alexander Mcqueen's embroidered lace dress, and blend in with my surroundings.

Dannii Minogue is wearing one of my absolute favourite dresses. It's a vintage dress by Victor Costa, I don't know the year.

I'll finish with this a/w 2016/17 Dolce and Gabbana dress. I don't just want the dress, I want the room too. I'd love to put it on and play hide and seek with the kids!

It's been fun putting my daydream wardrobe together, I'd love to know what dream dresses everyone else would choose.

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