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About Me


I think anyone who knows me will say I take my career very seriously, but I don't take life too seriously - it's too short.

So this is me, Ali - at work, and behind the scenes.....

The Early Years


That's me on the right, in the

all-white babygro.


(What a stylish family I was born in to!)

I'll let my parents off for this red white and blue family photo, as it was the Queen's silver jubillee!


First Interest


Do you remember Fashion Wheel?


According to my mum, this is what kickstarted my interest in fashion.


(If you're under 30, you can always ask me to explain!)




Of the 80 ‘up-and-coming trendsetters’ from City College Norwich, it was me that got my pic into the local paper.

(And yep, that's me in both pictures!)


Next stop? Brighton University.

(To get my degree in Fashion and Business Studies)


First Job - New York


So how did I get a fashion job in New York?


I did a work placement through university. I loved it so much I went back after graduation, and knocked on some doors until I got a great job. How different the world was before internet! 


I had a busy (and colourful!) four years.


London - Retailers


Back across the Big Pond…


My time at Debenhams saw me travel to factories all over the world - from Hong Kong to Mauritius. (A good place for a honeymoon btw!)


I also freelanced for M&S, Burtons and House of Frazer.

(And still enjoyed a bit of fancy dress!)


Starting Unique Dress


In 2007, I knew it was time to take

the plunge.


So Unique Dress was born.


Here’s a pic of one of my very first wedding fairs.

It feels like a long time, but I still remember how nervous I was!


And Now...


Seventeen years and (literally) hundreds of dresses later…

What do I love?


The sheer variety of the creative challenges I face.

(No two dresses are ever, ever the same.)

And also, delighting people.

By translating their ideas into wedding dresses they really love.


Outside of Work


Yes, I do have a life away from the

sewing room.


Where I get up to other things.


Like making my family walk up hills to enjoy the scenery.


(We know how to have a good time!)


Enough about me. What can I do for you? Get in touch today

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