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What I Offer

Already, you probably have a good idea of what I offer. Bespoke wedding dresses.


But is that it?


As you look through this site, and hopefully scroll through my gallery, some of the testimonials I’ve received and also learn a little more about me… you’ll see that while, yes - of course, the main thing I offer is wedding dresses - there are also some other things on offer here that may not be immediately apparent.



So what exactly then DO I offer?

(And bear with me. I will start with the obvious.)


  • Bespoke wedding dresses

  • A welcome alternative to buying a dress you see online or in a shop

  • A realisation that you can have the dress you really want…

  • And that a process you may be dreading can actually be a lot of fun

  • An experience of seeing your dream dress come to life


     (You can get more of an idea about the process and how I work here.)


  • And - above all - the experience of feeling comfy, relaxed, confident and beautiful on your big day


     (See some testimonials from my customers here.)


To echo what I say elsewhere - no two dresses I make are ever the same.


Maybe reading the two stories below will give you an idea of just how different my clients can be.

So why choose me, rather than someone else?

I’m not particularly keen on blowing my own trumpet.


And I do want to make sure I get to help those of you who are looking for the very thing that I offer.


So here’s a short checklist.


  • I have made hundreds of bespoke dresses.


   (my gallery really is only the tip of a very big nuptial iceberg!)


  • I love what I do.


  (and my clients do too.)


  • I also love the variety of what I do, and welcome - with open arms - every bride-to-be under the sun. Whatever your style and whatever it is you’re planning - be it a traditional wedding, civil ceremony, gay wedding, humanist ceremony or vow renewal.


Beyond that, I allow you to draw your own conclusions about why to use me as you look at the rest of this site.

Customising and Alterations

Maybe you’ve seen something you love - in a shop window - or online.


And you just want it ‘adapting a little’.


Let’s talk about it.


Very often - you may be better off starting from scratch.


That said - doing alterations is a regular aspect of what I do, and I do know how to personalise and customise all kinds of dresses. I don't do general every day alterations, but can adjust the dresses for your bridal party. (Although at very busy times I can only do so many!)

Below are three happy brides who recently came to me for tricky alterations. The disco ball dress on the right was in fact a complete re-style from the high neck and balloon sleeves it originally had!

A Tale of Two Brides

Of the hundreds of brides I’ve helped, here are just two. To give you a flavour of how the initial ideas… the process… and the final dress can vary.


From time to time, I will showcase different bridal pairs here.


'Sarah knew straight away she didn't want a 'traditional' wedding dress.'


'Seeing the emotion in her eyes each time we did a fitting was just amazing!

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