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How I Work

It’s true - no two brides are the same. No two dresses I create are ever the same. That said, there is a pattern to my process. And so here I’d like to give you a flavour of what exactly that is - so you an idea of what to expect, when we work together to turn your initial ideas into a dress you’ll love.


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The Initial Meeting

When we first meet up - and in whatever communications we have beforehand - there are a number of things I’ll look to get clear about. Namely: what’s most important to you on the day; what kind of dress you think you’d like and why; and any specific concerns you have. (See common concerns - an alternative FAQ page)

Before we meet up, here are a few things to do and to think about:


Do gather your ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. You can then show them to me on your phone or send a link. (Whether you’re clear or not - don’t worry - we’ll work as a team.)


What kind of venue will it be? What practical concerns do you have? Will you want to dance in your dress? Will there be children?


Any dresses or colours that you love? Maybe there are non-wedding dresses that you love? Those too can be great start points.


I have trends boards if you want to see latest bridal trends.

Choosing Fabrics

At our first meeting, having heard your early ideas and thoughts, I’ll walk you through the different options you have, in terms of fabrics.


This short video gives you a little flavour of just how varied your options are; the possibilities really are endless.

Not having to decide everything on your own - does make the process a lot less daunting… and a lot more enjoyable.


(Don’t take my word for it. Hear what other brides-to-be say about my way of working.)

The Dress Design

I love to sketch out my ideas for your dress at an early stage, long before anything is made. Yes - I like to work ‘old-school’ at this stage - pencil and paper, and not on a computer screen.


And please don't worry about things being set in stone at this point. It’s very much a starting point. Yes, there will be a point when decisions do have to be finalised, but it's certainly not yet.


Less than half of the dresses I make stay exactly as the original design, evolving the dress along the way is what makes the process so personal.

The First Sample (Toile)

Your very first fitting will be to try on the so-called ‘calico toile’ (it’s a sample).


This is the stage where I will make sure of two things: that it fits like a glove, and that you're happy with the shape.


It may not be the most glamorous of things to try on, but it is an essential part of the process, and marks the start of your dress coming together.


I have bodice and skirt samples to show you, so you can see how various fabrics look together, and you can mix and match different ideas.


I can also walk you through different construction techniques.

The fittings

With each fitting, there are different things we can fine-tune.


On the one hand, we can perfect the fit.


On the other hand, we can refine the design.


Many clients talk about how they love the process of seeing their dress come together. (As opposed to walking into a shop and buying something off the rail.)


By working together, I can easily incorporate any new ideas you have - and also accommodate any practical wishes relating to your actual wedding day.


The last fitting? That’s the day when you take your dress away.

big day
Your Big Day

No, I won’t be there with you on the day.


At the same time, the end point of our process is very much our start point.


It’s only by knowing exactly what matters most to you on your wedding day that I can help you create a dress that enables you to really enjoy the day.


Some brides want to have a dress that’s really flexible. So after the formal part of the day, they can (for example) bustle up the skirt to dance the night away.


Some brides are aware that they will be surrounded by children for most of the day - so anything too precious or delicate is a no-no.


Most brides simply want to make sure that the dress is super-comfy and is also very much ‘them’… and not them trying to be somebody they’re not.


All brides want to feel beautiful.

See my Testimonials page to hear how other brides felt on the day in their Unique Dresses.

My Gallery shows the variety going bespoke offers.

So what other brides-to-be particularly appreciate about my process and my particular way of working? Find out here.

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