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Hello, I'm Ali Morris.

I started Unique Dress in 2007, and have been making my own dresses for many more years than that.


I worked as a designer for various brands and retailers for over 10 years before this, but thought it was time to put my dressmaking, design and business skills together and start a company of my own.

My friends often said I was lucky, that with my skills I could always wear whatever I wanted, and I never had a problem getting clothes to fit. I realised that if I didn't have this ability I would be really stuck for something to wear that I really loved. I then realised there must be so many other women in this position.

Although I started out making all sorts of dresses, I now concentrate on wedding dresses as this is what I enjoy the most.

I finished my education in 1999 with a degree in fashion textiles. This, along with my career so far, has given me the ability to translate other peoples idea's into the perfect dress for them.

I finally got to make my own wedding dress a couple of years back, and got to experience what brides go through when deciding on the perfect dress, and how it feels on the day to wear one. I can now totally sympathise with the stress put on a bride to look perfect!

I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and I love being able to help other women get their own Unique Dress.

That's me on the left with my daughter, she loves playing dress up. Being a parent myself, I understand that arranging childcare for appointments isn’t easy.  Therefore it’s no problem if you need to bring your child to your appointment, just let me know before you arrive

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