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Bespoke Dressmaking & Alterations

wedding dress

Wedding / Civil Ceremony Dress

Your wedding or civil ceremony dress will no doubt be the most important dress you will ever wear.

It's advisable to plan your wedding dress at least a few months in advance of the big day to allow plenty of time for fittings and ordering special fabrics and trims.

Don't worry if you're not completely sure what you want to wear, I can help you design your perfect dress, and have lots of idea's and fabrics to show you. Just come armed with your idea's and we'll work from there.

I only work with the best suppliers of bridal fabrics, laces and trims, and have many sample books and hangers for you to select from.​ If you want something I don't have, I'm happy to source unusual fabrics for you.

If you're a couple and both want dresses, or whether you want two complimentary outfits, or even if just one of you wishes to come, I can help you design the perfect outfit(s) for you.

evening dress


How about really making an entrance in the perfect evening dress.

A bespoke evening dress can be exactly what you want, and can't find in the shops. And you never have to worry about being in the same dress as somebody else.

I have a great selection of eveningwear fabrics, laces and trims.

It's advisable to enquire at least a four months before you need your dress.


Bridal Alterations


We do all kinds of bridal alterations, from the simple to the very complex. During the spring and summer we get very busy so make sure you book in advance.


Read what one of my customers had to say:

"I bought my dress 2nd hand and the place that I first took it to for alterations did a terrible job. They took it in very strangely and it was wonky! I e-mailed Ali and sent her some pictures of what it looked like – she managed to fit me in and I am so glad she did. She took apart what they had done in 5 minutes and started from scratch – she took the dress in properly, put in some extra boning and re-sewed the cups in. She basically did much more than the previous place, did it much better and charged less. I knew from the first time I went around that she knew exactly what she was doing and would fix my dress. She made me feel OK about what could have been a very stressful time for me. Ali genuinely is a nice person who is great at her job and I couldn’t recommend her enough."

The Process of making a Bespoke Dress

The option of getting your wedding dress made bespoke can be a bit daunting, and I've found most of my customers did't know what to expect.

My blog, "What to expect when having a bespoke wedding dress made", gives you some insight into the process and what to expect.

And finally, a little bit of inspiration....

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